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Terms of Service / Terms of Use


Updated 10/2/2023


These terms of service limit our liability – please read them carefully.  If you disagree with these terms do not access the services of this website.


Use of this website is granted free to the public for general information purposes only.  NOTHING on this website, nor 3rd-party links this website may link you to, constitutes ADVICE or ANALYSIS of your particular situation.  Such professional advisory services are available through the Brokerage after a client/professional relationship has been established. 


This website is simply intended to give an overview of the general services and guiding philosophies of providing what we believe are our exceptional brokerage services.  All techniques that may be explained to you through this website or linked presentations, webinars, etc. are IN THE CONTEXT of our professional services being used to enact such techniques.  NO strategy or technique is being taught for you to attempt yourself, and Elhardt Realty, Inc. will not be responsible for any attempt to produce these results by anyone outside of our own licensed agents or their licensed agent or broker partners.


The visual, printed, and recorded material on this website and available through this website is the property of Elhardt Realty, Inc.  -  and no such material can be copied, recreated, or used for commercial purposes without the express prior consent of Elhardt Realty, Inc.



If you are visiting our site for informational purposes and wish to use some of our material for business purposes, please contact us for possible opportunities for doing so at either or (626) 367-9532


We believe in and support fair housing.  We will always seek to provide professional guidance to you regardless of race, economic status, or geographic location – however, to do so may require assistance from a partnering agent or broker with the specialized knowledge to best accomplish your particular needs (for example, if you are more comfortable in a language other than English, etc.). 


This website is here to provide free information and as such gathers no payment information of any kind.  The Brokerage services described in this website do come at a cost, but payment will not be rendered through this website.


If anyone uses the interactive features of this website – or linked from this website – such as emails, webinars, phone numbers, etc. for disruptive purposes, such users can be blocked or the entire feature can be withdrawn without notice and without recourse as all of such informational services provided solely as a discretionary courtesy by Elhardt Realty, Inc.


For any questions or concerns regarding these Terms of Service / Terms of Use, email: or call (626) 367-9532

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