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Privacy Policy


Last Updated: October 18, 2023


What does the policy cover?


This Privacy Policy describes how we gather, use, disclose, and keep personal information through your use of and any other related websites controlled by Elhardt Realty, Inc.


This policy addresses the use of personally identifiable information (“PII”) and other data collected in connection with your use of, or access to this website.  We do not knowingly collect data, however, from any minor persons under 18 years old.


This policy does not address or apply to the practices of third parties that we do not own or control, including 3rd-party websites that this website may link you to – such as a scheduling platform named Calendly or a meeting/webinar platform named Zoom, both of which would have their own privacy policies as well as terms of service.  Additionally, our website is hosted by Wix, our email hosted by Gmail, many browsers find us via Facebook or Instagram, and all of these companies will have their own Privacy Policies as noted here:

Link to EZTexting Privacy Policy:

Link to Wix Privacy Policy:


Link to Gmail/Google: Privacy Policy:


Link to Facebook / Instagram (Meta) Privacy Policy:


Link to Calendly Privacy Policy:


Link to Zoom Privacy Policy:


What data do we collect?


We almost exclusively collect data you directly choose to provide to us, such as your name, contact information, and address.  There may be some automatically collected information by our website provider, Wix, or your web browser and/or search engine, which would be addressed in their own privacy policies and terms of service.  Our own website, however, does not currently knowingly use “cookies” or other tracking technology.


How do we use your information?


Your information is mainly used for the direct purpose it was given for.  For instance, if you are providing your contact information to register for an informational webinar, then your contact information will be used to help you register for that webinar as well as follow-up contact with you to ensure you received all of the data and information you were hoping to receive from that webinar.  We may also use your information to communicate with you via Email Communications, Phone Calls, SMS / Text Communications as appropriate to inform you of new opportunities to receive more information relating to the topic of interest you had initially contacted us regarding (for example, home selling, home buying, etc).  These ongoing communications can be changed or stopped at any time by replying to any given communication with that request or emailing at any time.


Is my personal information secure?


Information provided through 3rd-party websites we may link you to such as Calendly or Zoom will be subject to their own privacy policies and terms of service and we cannot guarantee or be held responsible for any web security breaches that may take place within those companies.  The same is true for email providers such as Gmail we use to communicate with you.  However, within Elhardt Realty itself, your personal data will be held as secure as all client data and contract records, which are currently held on our own local company computers and telephones, as well as secured cloud technologies such as Google Drive, or DropBox.  However, as above, we cannot guarantee or be held liable for data breaches at these service providers and each of these providers will have their own privacy policy and terms of service. 


Is my personal information shared?


We will never sell or share your information without outside companies or interests except as explicitly authorized by you in advance.  For example, you may wish to be referred to a mortgage broker or other outside service provider in connection with your real estate goals you discuss with us.  Or, in the course of actually transacting a purchase or sale of real estate through us your information may be shared with Escrow or Title companies, or other licensed agents involved in the sale, as will be disclosed in advance at that time.


Changes to this privacy policy may take place at time to time and will be posted here.


For questions or concerns please contact:


California Residents


This section provides additional information regarding our data practices and your privacy rights under California Privacy laws including the California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”).


The information we collect from each resident will depend on the nature of our interactions and relationship with that resident.  For instance, if that resident is simply inquiring about the possibility of using our Realty services, or if that resident engages in conducting a transaction through us.


Below is a general summary of the nature of the personal information we have collected and its use over the past 12 months:


Personal Identifying Information Collected:             


Names, addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, social security numbers, account numbers, driver’s license numbers, passport numbers, paper and electronic consumer records, bank records, contract documents signed both on paper and electronically, financial records, demographic information such as race, sex, ethnicity, disability status, credit bureau information, property records, employment data, location data, personal or family trust documentation and similar documentation.


The above information May be disclosed for a Business purpose to:


Service providers (such as escrow or title companies), other advisors or agents, government agencies or law enforcement, operating systems and platforms.


We may also share your data with other third parties as explicitly authorized by you in advance.  For example, you may wish to be referred to a mortgage broker or other outside service provider in connection with your real estate goals you discuss with us. 


Sales and Sharing of Information:


Except as noted above for the facilitation of your requested services, we do not sell or share your data with anyone for their marketing purposes, nor was any of the data referenced above sold or shared for such purposes over the past 12 months.


Sources of Personal Information:


Directly from you as an individual, other agents, public and property records, related service providers, analytical data from social networks and advertising networks.


Purposes of Collection:


Providing information and transaction services, updating public records, advertising and marketing, complying with legal recordkeeping obligations and anti-money-laundering regulations, and protecting ourselves with proper compliance and regulation.




We will retain your personal information for the time needed to fulfill the purposes of obtaining your personal information, or for minimum time period as may be required by law for recordkeeping, or for a longer duration if deemed necessary to protect legal rights of ourselves or others.


Rights of California Residents:


The CCPA allows for multiple rights, including:


  • Opting out of sales and sharing of your personal information

  • Limited uses of sensitive information

  • The deletion of personal information under many circumstances

  • Right to know / access: to know what personal information has been collected and the business purpose for sharing such information

  • The correction of inaccurate personal information

  • Being free from any discrimination in exercising these rights


Submitting CCPA Requests:


California Residents may make requests pertaining to the rights above via email at:, or by phone to: (626) 367-9532.


Requests to Opt-Out:


Our website does not to our knowledge use cookies or other tracking technology to trace your web behavior across any other platform, nor do we use such data for marketing purposes.  Should that change notice will be given here, and our website will be set to cooperate with signals sent from browsers or other web platforms asking our site not to track your browsing activity.  Web browsers or search engines themselves however may track such browsing history and may at some point include this data in anonymous website analytics provided to us, but again at this time we do not use such data to directly market any individual but such data may be insightful regarding general trends regarding visitors to our site.  Our website is hosted by Wix and their privacy policy is available here:  Google’s privacy policy is available here:


Financial Incentives:


We do not currently knowingly offer any programs classified as “financial incentives” under the CCPA but if we do such notice will be provided here.


Rights under California Shine the Light Law:

California residents may request from businesses with whom they have an established business relationship (1) a list of categories of personal information, such as name, address, e-mail address, and the type of services provided to the customer, that a business has disclosed to third parties during the immediately preceding calendar year for the third parties’ direct marketing purposes and (2) the names and addresses of all such third parties. To request the above information please submit a request in writing via email at and we will respond to your request within 30 days.


Rights under the Online Privacy Protection Act (“CalOPPA”):


Online entities that collect consumer data must follow California Law.  To request a review or change to the personal information we have collected from you, please email your request to


Updates to this Privacy Policy:


Updates to this Privacy Policy will be posted publicly here.


Questions or Concerns:

If you have questions or concerns about any of our Privacy Policies, please contact us at:


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