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Professional photo of a dining room and kitchen featuring home staging including wooden dining set, bar stools, and floral center piece.

It's Time to Expect More

Welcome to the Finished-In-Five Home-Selling System

Actual Client Home, Featuring our Staging and Photography

A Professional Photo of a living room with hardwood floors, two couches and a large bay window with a view of the sky and mountains.

Actual Client Home, Featuring our Staging and Photography

Buyer Psychology:
The Key to Quickly Selling Your Home for Top Market Value 

When your home hits the market, we have one chance to spark the pool of potential buyers for your home into quick action.  The good news is that there is a proven, 5-step system to doing so.  

The 5-Step Formula Buyers Can't Resist:

The 5 steps of our Finished-In-Five Home Selling System are designed to cut through the crowd of other available homes and demand maximum buyer attention and response by making sure your home is:

1. Priced to Represent Value and Spark Competition

2. Professionally Presented in their own Best Light

3. Broadcast to the Maximum Number of Buyers

4. Fully Documented to eliminate Hidden Surprises

5. Available for a Limited Time, driving Buyer Urgency

A photo of a living room, professionally staged with two chairs, a coffee table, a couch, a rug, and a floral accent piece.

Actual Client Home, Featuring our Staging and Photography

A bedroom with hardwood floors and furniture staging including a bed, foot stool, side table, lamp, and even a platter of wine and wine glasses.

Actual Client Home, Featuring our Staging and Photography

One Weekend is Usually All it Takes

Home buyers have been searching for months and they know what represents value and desirability, so when a home hits the market that triggers all 5 areas of our proven system, results come fast.  We do not ultimately know what the market will give as a verdict regarding the top market value of your home, but our process draws out that top number quickly, leaving no regrets that anything was left on the table. 

No Lock-Boxes, Ever. 

Your listing agent will be personally, physically present for all buyer showings, which should only have to take place over one weekend.  Your home will never be shown non-urgently to casual buyers one by one at random, inconvenient times to you.  Access to your home will never be granted to strangers via a self-service lockbox, or even worse - shown by you in our absence (yes, shockingly, that happens quite often). 


None of these lazy-agent tactics will ever happen to you as our client. Ever. Period. 

A photo of a room staged as a baby nursery, complete with a white crib, two white wardrobe cabinets, and blue drapes.

Actual Client Home, Featuring our Staging and Photography

A large bedroom with hardwood floors, large sliding glass doors revealing a hillside, and furniture staging including a king-sized bed, side tables, a foot stool, and even a platter with wine and glasses.

Actual Client Home, Featuring our Staging and Photography

Yard Signs & Open Houses are Optional

Serious Buyers are going to find your home through an agent, or through electronic listing channels, and will be invited to see your home by appointment with their agent on designated days.  These showing appointments are purposefully scheduled back-to-back over the course of the first weekend your home is on the market to increase the urgency felt by buyers investigating your home.


Therefore, while traditional yard signs and publicly available open houses sometimes do attract one more serious buyer to your home,  if you highly prefer greater privacy and discretion with your neighbors regarding your home sale,  we can sell your home with great effectiveness without a physical sign on your property, or without publicly accessible open houses.

1091 Briarcliff Rd 014.jpg

We Invest in Your Success:
Your Home can look and feel like the photos on this site.

All of the photos on this website are from actual listings we have sold using our proven system.  Some photos are from un-restored homes over 100 years old, some are from remodeled luxury homes, and others are from simple starter homes.   Each picture represents what we mean by professionally presenting your home in its own best light.


To accomplish this, the moment you hire us to sell your home, our trusted "dream team" springs into action, consisting of the following trusted professionals that we hire at our expense:

Appraiser - To make a floor-plan map of the layout of your home, verify its square footage, and advise regarding marketable points of your home.

Photographer - To fully capture and present every key aspect of your home.  If determined to be needed to properly capture your home, advanced photography such as 3-D tours, or drone footage will be obtained as well. 

Home Inspectors - Providing professional home inspections upfront sets your home apart from nearly every other home your buyers are likely to consider.  Every buyer is going to hire their own inspectors eventually anyway - why not get out ahead of any surprises that might kill a deal, or give a buyer room to re-negotiate later?  Even if your home isn't perfect, giving buyers inspections up front eliminates a tremendous amount of uncertainty and allows buyers to bid with confidence on your home. 

Interior Designer Consultation - Our trusted interior designer will walk your home with you and guide you on simple changes you can do yourself to enhance the visual presentation of your home.  However, if deemed beneficial, our designer will also create a proposal for what her more advanced hands-on, home staging services would provide.  

Home Staging is where a professional designer uses their furniture and decor in combination with yours not simply to make your home look "nice," but to visually tell the story of how your home's space can best be used.  Staging is both an art and a science that can dramatically improve the appeal of a home in the mind of buyers.  For example, through staging, what may seem like a small bedroom can instead be presented as a large baby nursery, etc.  None of it is a trick - but the net effect is indeed magic.  Sellers are always shocked and amazed to see their homes staged and suddenly looking like they belong in a magazine.

Every home's exact preparation needs are different.  But we are so confident in the results our home-preparation system delivers that we gladly absorb, subsidize, or advance the cost as needed on a case-by-case basis.  One way or another, no client ever goes without their home presented in its own best light.

Photo of a remodeled kitchen with white cabinets, grey quartz counter tops, a large, deep, "farm style" white ceramic sink, and a window to the outdoors.

Actual Client Home, Featuring our Staging and Photography

A photo of two chais and a coffee table placed outside at the corner of the outside back yard of a home, overlooking a tremendous city view with clouds and mountains in the background.

Actual Client Home, Featuring our Staging and Photography

Your Results are Guaranteed

Most homes can sell in one weekend using our proven system.  Some luxury homes, or unique homes, may take longer, but our process will be measured in weeks not months.  After seeing your home in person, we will be able to share our expectations of your home's sale timeline. 


All of the significant costs we absorb or advance to optimally present your home will be at our own risk, guaranteeing that we will diligently drive your home's sale through to a successful conclusion. 

Client Success Examples:

Vastly Different Homes - Same Proven System



"Thank you for your hard work, dedication, and are amazing and truly made this experience memorable...thank you again from the bottom of my heart." 

Christine N. 

"Thank you for your fierce passion, attention to detail, and capacity to handle every situation...we send our highest compliments to you as agents and friends."

Mark L. 

"You are truly kind people, I feel grateful to have met you, the world needs to know about you!"

Melissa R.

Meet Your Team

Elhardt Realty, Inc. was founded by former big-box-brokerage Rookie of the Year winner, Brian Elhardt, who drempt of creating a company where excellence, consistency, and passion were delivered to clients through a duplicatable system. 


Our brokerage has been growing with amazing agents, but only at the speed of assured quality - only taking on agents who are passionate, caring advocates of others' needs first.  We approach each client with the mind of an advisor and the heart of a coach, and execute each home sale with the fire of a fierce advocate of our client's interests.  

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"It's Time to Expect More..."

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